We use only the finest and highest quality Silk, RealTouch and EverLast flowers and greenery in our creations and select our products based on their realism and vibrancy.


Our products can go anywhere that real plants can go, but, unlike real, you get a keepsake that will virtually last forever with no upkeep required. And, due to our exclusive arrangements with distributors, our products are not sold in typical mass retail or discount stores - meaning that you won't see your piece anywhere else.

Definitely not your Grandma's artificial flowers!


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Premium fabrics produce a luxurious look and feel. Unlike crudely-woven, course-grained fabrics found in most retail and discount stores, our florals typically have a texture similar to a real petal or leaf. 

Perfect for use in everyday indoor arrangements and select outdoor environments.



Polyurethane is used in place of fabric to create the illusion of and duplicate the feel of fresh cut flowers. Crush-proof and fade resistant. Realistic in every way, down to the vibrancy of colour, texture and the visible veins.

Ideal for use in arrangements where true realism is important, such as in bridal bouquets or celebration and prop arrangements. 



Durable resins are formed to replicate hardy plants such as succulents, leaves, ivy and grasses. EverLast greenery has a subtle look without the "shiny plastic" look of old "artificial" greenery.

UV-stable and ideal for outdoor, permanent and/or high-traffic environments.