Keepsake Florals

Lifelike. Lifelong.

We use only the best quality products and the most advanced technologies to create the most realistic looking arrangements on the market. Because we have access to an endless array of different product types and work on a custom basis, we can combine them to deliver the look that you desire - often for a price comparable to or even less than using fresh flowers, trees and greenery. And, they will virtually last forever.

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Fine Silk
Silk flowers

Our "Fine Silk" florals are made using tightly-woven fabrics to produce a luxurious feel and a look indistinguishable from fresh flowers. Unlike the crudely-woven, course-grained "silks" that you find in most retail and discount stores, our florals typically have a grain that is not noticeable and a texture similar to a real petal or leaf. 

Available in an array of flower and greenery types, our silks are perfect for use in everyday indoor arrangements and select covered outdoor environments.

Real Touch
Real Touch flowers

A breakthrough in permanent florals, polyurethane is used in place of fabric to create the illusion of and duplicate the feel of fresh cut flowers. Our "Real Touch" florals are crush-proof, fade resistant and waterproof and are realistic in every way, down to the vibrancy of colour, texture and the visible veins.

These florals and greenery are ideal for use in arrangements where true realism is important, such as in bridal bouquets or celebration arrangements. 

EverLast Greenery Silk flowers

Composed of premium durable resins, "EverLast" florals and greenery are formed to replicate the look and feel of hardy plants such as succulents and leaves as well as stiffer accent plants such as ivy, grass and reeds. Today's EverLast greenery delivers a subtle look without the shiny plastic look of old "artificial" plants. Our EverLast technology forms the basis for our exclusive customizable EverLast Wreaths.

These UV-stable products are ideal for permanent, high traffic and outdoor environments.

Ficus Tree

Specialty Items

Custom Permanent Wreaths

Exclusive to Magnolia, simply purchase your EverLast wreath base once and customize it yourself or have it customized as often as you wish. These wreaths have a multi-year lifespan and are ideal in the harshest of outdoor environments.

Full-Sized Trees and Bushes

We have access to a large variety of tree and bush types, some including real wood trunks for ultimate realism. All of our trees and bushes can be customized to any height or width required.

Water "Illusions"

Have a 'fresh cut vase' look with any of our florals in clear glass or crystal using either our "permanent water" or liquifiable water beads. Our specialty is water illusions with a variety of Real Touch Casablanca lilies, water lilies, orchids and hydrangeas of varying sizes. All of our glassware is imported from Poland. Perfect as a small centrepiece, accent piece or hostess gift.

Indoor and Outdoor Planters

Our florals are ideal to create planters of any size. We can work with your container or provide the whole planter including containers in many styles and materials.